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New Gayung Fatani gelanggang in Roermond

New Gayung Fatani gelanggang in Roermond

On the weekend of March 19-20, 2022, a team of French and German teachers and coaches traveled to Roermond, The Netherlands, to officially open a new Seni Gayung Fatani Malaysia gelanggang and giving a whole day training for the first level of the Gayung Fatani syllabus.

The training was conducted by two ESMF board members : Cikgu Jérôme Denorme (Guru PSGFM) and Cikgu Audran Le Guillou (Guru Muda PSGFM). The training started with a theoretical part in order to introduce the Gayung Fatani syllabus and more specifically that of the first level.

An hour later, the training moved on to the practical part, rolled out step by step:

  • Bunga Putih
  • Jurus Putih
  • Belebat Sangga
  • Tapak Satu
  • Buah Pukulan
  • Tempur Seni
  • Tempur Beladiri

The whole first level were thus completed at 100%. The day was intense both physically and mentally (given the mass of new information to learn) but it was a good time shared friendship. The Seni Gayung Fatani training will now start on a weakly basis in Roermond on April 7th.

We would like to thank the Persekutuan Silat Melayu The Netherlands who helped the Culture Silat association in France to open this new Gayung Fatani gelanggang.

You can also check Culture Silat’s website (in french) for more information about this training day.