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ESMF - The Netherlands


The Netherlands can be seen as one of the largest suppliers of Silat in Europe. The Netherlands has a very long colonial past with Southeast Asia and more especially Indonesia.

We can assume that this is the reason why in the 50’s and 60’s his right to arise started and why many styles from Indonesia are represented.

The only Silat Melayu organization in the Netherlands is the PSMN (Persekutuan Silat Melayu the Netherlands) which has felt called since 2012 to further promote Silat Melayu in the Netherlands and to help establish Silat associations through a federation.

In 2013 this was given serious form through the signing of a Memorandum of Understainding with UTHM (University Johor).

The PSMN is very active and managed to signe two more MoU in 2019 with:

  • Pesaka Pahang / Pahang state (Malaysia)
  • Singapore Silat Federation (Persisi)


The PSMN has the following Silat Melayu styles within its ranks:


In 2020, the PSMN is likely to be able to add 3 new styles to this list:

  • Seni Silat Sangkar Rewana
  • Seni Silat Sendeng
  • Grasio Silat Singapore


PSMN has already organised many International Silat Events and will want to make them more professional. In addition, the PSMN is very inventive and looks at the possibilities on the prayer of inovation.