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International Silat Melayu Festival – 2019

4th International Silat Melayu Festival

On the 2nd of June 2019 was held the 4th edition of the International Silat Melayu Festival, also known as the Roermond Open.

It was organized by the Persekutuan Silat Melayu The Netherlands (PSMN) in Roermond.

3 countries, 12 teams and 40 participants joined this event. We were also glad to have the participation of the Federasi Pencak Silat Traditional International The Netherlands (FPSTI NL), withe its President Richard Alexander and coordinator Ronny Lerrick, whomm both gave a demo and explained about Rebut Selempang.

Stay tuned for all the upcoming events until the end of 2019:

  • Seminar Tuah Semangat Tour
  • Hari Kampong Melayu edition 2
  • Int. Silat Festival Roermond Open editie 5
  • Int.Silat Festival en Symposium Warisan Melayu Sedunia 2019 in Roermond.
  • Freestyle Sparring
  • refreshment course Wasit Juri
  • course Hakim Level 1 PSMN